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Bond Cars

The Definitive Guide Presented by Top Gear Author: Barlow, Jason Code: 58839 Price: AU $100.00 Format: Hardback / 288 pages Publisher: BBC BOOKS Published date: 16/04/2020 Availability: Please contact us for availability

Live and let drive.

Bond Cars- The Definitive History is a lavish celebration of the cars that also became the stars alongside the worlds most famous fictional spy. Featuring priceless assets such as the original call sheets, annotated shooting scripts, technical drawings, schematics and ......


Top Gear: Dream Cars: The Hot 100

Author: Sam Philip Code: 32967 Price: AU $55.00 Format: Hardback / 256 pages Publisher: EBURY PRESS Published date: 25/09/2014 Availability: Available, please contact us for availability
Whether its through raw power, elegant curves or just an eye-watering price tag, there are a small number of cars that mark the pinnacle of automotive design - and now the experts at Top Gear have chosen the very best of them. Top Gear: Dream Cars - The Hot 100 is a celebration of the cars that achieve that perfect blend of art and engineering. ......

Top Muscle: The Rarest Cars from America's Fastest Decade

Author: Darwin Holmstrom Code: 32022 Price: AU $69.99 Format: Hardback / 128 pages Publisher: MOTOR BOOKS INTERNATIONAL Published date: 15/05/2014 Availability: Available, please contact us for availability

A muscle-car book unlike any other, featuring the rarest vehicles on Earth. In the 1960s, something explosive happened in the automotive world: the United States evolving V-8 engine technology was met by 75 million baby boomers, all with an extreme need for speed and all entering the auto market at the same time. The result was the golden era ......


Top Gear : At The Movies DVD

Author: BBC Code: 25281 Price: AU $24.95 Format: DVD / 76 mins Publisher: ALL INTERACTIVE DISTRIBUTION Published date: 01/07/2012 Availability: Available. Usually dispatched 1-2 business days
Producer's notes: Cars! Film! Cars on film! Film involving cars! You get the idea. It's basically a DVD involving those two things. Gasp as we find the perfect drift car for a gritty, Bourne Identity-style chase! Cheer as we stag race for all those unsung heroes of the movie industry! Whoop as we find the car that makes th perfect dramatic ......

The Top Gear Years (Softcover) Jeremy Clarkson

Author: Jeremy Clarkson Code: 25965 Price: AU $29.95 Format: Paperback / 416 pages Publisher: PENGUIN BOOKS Published date: 01/07/2012 Availability: Available. Usually dispatched 1-2 business days
Publisher's notes: We know all about the world according to Clarkson. In a series of record-breaking bestsellers Jeremy has revealed it to be a puzzling, frustrating place where all too often the lunatics seem to be running the asylum. But in The Top Gear Years, we get something rather different. Top Gear was once just a television ......

Top Gear - The Complete Series 10 DVD (3 Disc Set) NTSC

Author: BBC Code: 21938 Price: AU $59.95 Format: DVD / 506 mins Publisher: AMAZON Published date: 01/07/2009 Availability: Sold Out
If you thought Top Gear might calm down a bit and the presenters start to act their age, well, you’re wrong. Series 10 is one of the most ambitious yet, featuring some challenges that only the very brave – or the very stupid – would dare to undertake. For example, who in their right mind would attempt to drive through the Kalahari Desert in three ......

James May's Toy Stories 2 Disc-Set DVD

Code: 22623 Price: AU $39.95 Format: DVD / 360 mins Publisher: MADMAN ENTERTAINMENT Published date: 01/07/2009 Availability: Available. Usually dispatched 1-2 business days
Producer's notes: James May goes on a mission to reconnect today's youth with some of Britain's best loved toys of yesteryear. In an effort to get kids to put down their games consoles, the technology-enthusiast introduces the new generation to the pleasures, frustrations and ultimate sense of accomplishment found in Plasticine, Lego, Airfix, ......

Notes From the Hard Shoulder - James May

Author: James May Code: 19268 Price: AU $19.99 Format: Paperback / 224 pages Publisher: GARDNERS BOOKS Published date: 01/07/2007 Availability: Please contact us for availability
This is a collection of James May's newspaper columns and magazine articles, all written in his characteristic tongue in cheek manner. It is fun to read and will make you think - an unlikely combination that virtually every reader will enjoy. May is as opinionated as Jeremy Clarkson, but he is much gentler about it and it makes his books more ......

Top Gear Motor Mania

Author: Ivan Berg Code: 18482 Price: AU $10.48 (was AU $34.95) Format: Hardback / 192 pages Publisher: RANDOM HOUSE AUSTRALIA Published date: 01/07/2006 Availability: In Stock. Usually dispatched same business day from Sydney, Australia
This is a book full of automotive trivia that will keep most readers entertained for hours. It is drawn from the trivia mentioned on Top Gear, the top-rating BBC TV show that is shown around the world and on the SBS network in Australia.

May on Motors

Author: James May Code: 18332 Price: AU $19.99 Format: Paperback / 288 pages Publisher: RANDOM HOUSE AUSTRALIA Published date: 01/07/2006 Availability: Please contact us for availability
A series of highly entertaining essays by Top Gear presenter James May make this book one of the best reads for the money. He covers a wide range of topics, from cup holders to bicycles and from lifeboats to lawnmowers. May has a unique way of looking at life and its associated tribulations. It makes his writing very funny.
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