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Britain's Railways in the Second World War

Author: Foley, Michael Code: 59886 Price: AU $59.95 Format: Hardback / 256 pages Published date: 20/01/2021 Availability: Available. Usually dispatched 1-2 business days

The outbreak of the Second World War had an enormous effect on the railway system in Britain. Keeping the trains running through times of conflict was not such a distant memory for the railway companies and their workers but in this second major war of the twentieth century, the task was to prove a very different one. The railway system no ......


The steam Engines of World War II

The German 'Kriegsdampflokomotiven' and British and American war engines Author: Horton, Philip Code: 58235 Price: AU $51.89 Format: Hardback / 128 pages Publisher: SILVER LINK PUBLISHING LTD Published date: 24/12/2020 Availability: Available. Usually dispatched from UK 1-2 business days

Few events had a greater influence on Europes railways in the 20th century than the Second World War. As described in this book, thousands of steam engines were produced for the conflict by all sides. Although many were damaged during the war, most survived. Indeed, many of the British and American engines arrived in Europe too late and were ......


Allied Railways of the Western Front - Narrow Gauge in the Somme Sector

Before, During and After the First World War Author: B, Farebrother, Martin J Code: 55875 Price: AU $105.00 Format: Hardback / 240 pages Publisher: PEN & SWORD BOOKS LTD Published date: 01/12/2018 Availability: Available. Usually dispatched 1-2 business days
In this book the metre gauge networks established before the First World War are examined. A companion volume to Narrow Gauge in the Arras Sector by the same authors.

Railway Guns of World War I

Author: Heuer, Greg Code: 48760 Price: AU $23.25 Format: Paperback / 48 pages Publisher: OSPREY Published date: 24/08/2017 Availability: Available. Usually dispatched from UK 1-2 business days
World War I was the Golden Age of the railway gun. Even though at the start of the conflict none of the armies possessed any railway artillery pieces and the very idea was comparatively new, more railway guns were used during this war than in any other conflict. Designed to break the stalemate of trench warfare, the first railway guns were simple, ......

Reich Rails

Royal Prussia, Imperial Germany and the First World War 1825-1918 Author: Blaine Taylor Code: 47842 Price: AU $44.00 (was AU $55.00) Format: Hardback / 224 pages Publisher: FONTHILL Published date: 28/02/2015 Availability: In Stock. Usually dispatched same business day from Sydney, Australia
How the German Imperial forces used railways for military purposes during the 19th Century and up to the Great War

Wartime GWR

Serving the Nation During Two World Wars Author: Elaine Arthurs Code: 33461 Price: AU $50.99 Format: Hardback / 160 pages Publisher: IAN ALLAN PUBLISHING Published date: 18/09/2014 Availability: Available. Usually dispatched from UK 1-2 business days
An unrivalled collection of photographs illustrating the human and operational cost of two world wars on the Great Western Railway taken from the archive of the Museum of the GWR at Swindon
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