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CMC Bugatti T35 Nation Color Project, Germany

Diecast Model Car 1:18, Lilmited Edition 800 pieces by CMC Model Cars Code: 51665 Format: MODEL Publication date: 15/06/2018 Availability: Please contact us for availability Price: AU $485.00

Nation Color Project

It was the motor sports craving France that organized the very first “Grand Prix” race in 1906. Following the conclusion of WWI, other countries began to host the so called “Great Prices” races, as well. With the popularity of “Grand Prix” growing in the world, it soon became synonymous with international motor racing.The black and white pictures in the contemporary archives, however, are unable to do justice to all the colourful race cars of the 1920s and 1930s. Actually, since rules had it that each participating team must have its car(s) donned in a nation specific colour pattern, the starting field was usually a
very bright, multicoloured scene.With this in mind, CMC has focused on the Bugatti T35 Grand Prix model, the most dominating race car of its time, to show the diversity of its existing nation specific colours.
What you are looking at is a highly detailed precision replica, where the correct colour pattern is our main focus.

The Bugatti T35 predominated the Grand Prix races like no other race car of its era. So based on this car, we would like to present to you the official country colors from those decades. 

Note: We do not claim that the appearance of our model as well as its decals (starting numbers) are historically accurate. Nor do we make reference to a certain race or driver with these models.

Format: MODEL
Availability: Please contact us for availability
Publisher: CMC MODELS
Publication date: 15/06/2018
Weight: 1200 g
Dimensions: 0mm X 0mm
Code: 51665