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Automotive Engines 9/e

Diagnosis, Repair, and Rebuilding by LeVan and Gilles Code: 62166 Format: Paperback / 752 pages Publication date: 14/05/2023 Availability: Available to special order. Please contact us for updated price and availability. Price: AU $159.95

Gain the technical expertise, practical skills and industry knowledge you need for career success! AUTOMOTIVE ENGINES: DIAGNOSIS, REPAIR, AND REBUILDING, Ninth Edition, features comprehensive coverage of the theory of operation, diagnosis, repair and rebuilding of automotive engines. Written by veteran instructors with firsthand experience as certified technicians and machinists, the text focuses on universal repair techniques and case histories based on real-world scenarios you are likely to see in the field. Now updated with new case histories, additional full-color images and information on the latest trends, tools and technology--including hybrid engines and high-performance components--this trusted text is the ideal resource to prepare you for professional success.

Format: Paperback
Pages: 752
Availability: Available to special order. Please contact us for updated price and availability.
Publication date: 14/05/2023
Country of publication: UNITED STATES
Weight: 1600 g
Dimensions: 280.00mm X 220.00mm
Code: 62166

 Part I: ENGINE CONSTRUCTION, DIAGNOSIS, DISASSEMBLY AND INSPECTION. 1. ENGINE OPERATION. Simple Engine. Four-Stroke Engine Operation. Cylinder Arrangement. Valve Train. Cylinder Block. Front-Wheel Drive. Engine Classifications. Combustion Chamber Designs. Firing Order. Types of Cooling Systems. Ignition Types. Study Questions. ASE-Style Review Questions. 2. ENGINE SHOP SAFETY. General Shop Health and Safety. Hazardous Materials. Safety Test. 3. DIAGNOSING ENGINE PROBLEMS. Diagnosing Problems Before an Overhaul. Oil Consumption. Fuel Mixture Problems. Compression Loss. Engine Noises. Oil Pressure Problems. Cooling System Problems. Electronic Failures/Engine Damage. Study Questions. ASE-Style Review Questions. 4. ENGINE REMOVAL, DISASSEMBLY, INSPECTION AND IN-CHASSIS REPAIRS. Shop Manuals. Engine Removal. Engine Disassembly. Ordering Parts. Major Engine Repair--Engine in the Vehicle. Study Questions. ASE-Style Review Questions. 5. CLEANING THE ENGINE. Cleaning Methods. Cleaning the Inside of the Engine. Study Questions. ASE-Style Review Questions. 6. MEASURING. Metric System. Measuring Tools. Precision Measuring Tools. Study Questions. ASE-Style Review Questions. Part II: THE BREATHING SYSTEM. 7. CYLINDER HEAD: PARTS AND SERVICE. Head Disassembly. Carbon Removal. Crack Inspection. Crack Repair. Valve Guide Inspection. Valve Guide Repair. Valve Guide Seals. Resurfacing Heads. Study Questions. ASE-Style Review Questions. 8. CYLINDER HEAD: SPRINGS, VALVES AND VALVE SEATS. Valve Springs. Push Rods. Rocker Arms. Valves and Valve Service. Valve Seats and Service. Reassembling the Head. Study Questions. ASE-Style Review Questions. 9. CAMSHAFTS, LIFTERS, TIMING BELTS AND CHAINS. Camshaft. Hydraulic Lifters and Lash Adjusters. Hydraulic Lifter Operation. Roller Cam and Lifters. Cam Drives. Timing Drive Maintenance. Timing the Cam to the Crank. Timing Belts. Timing Belt Replacement. Study Questions. ASE-Style Review Questions. Part III: CYLINDER BLOCK ASSEMBLY. 10. CYLINDER BLOCK--INSPECTION AND SERVICE. Cleaning the Block. Oil and Water Plugs. Main Bearing Caps. Main Bearing Bore Alignment. Decking the Block. Inspecting Cylinder Bores. Deglazing Cylinders. Reboring Cylinders. Honing Cylinders to Size. Chamfering the Cylinder. Cylinder Sleeves. Lifter Bores. Final Block Preparation. Study Questions. ASE-Style Review Questions. 11. CRANKSHAFT, BEARINGS AND ENGINE BALANCING. Crankshaft Design. Crank End Thrust. Checking Crank Condition. Bearing Inserts. Engine Balancing. Study Questions. ASE-Style Review Questions. 12. PISTONS, RINGS AND CONNECTING ROD. Pistons. Piston Rings. Connecting Rods. Wrist Pins. Study Questions. ASE-Style Review Questions. 13. LUBRICATION SYSTEM. The Lubrication System. Oil. Oil Pumps. Priming the System. Oil Filters. Filter Bypass System. Crankcase Ventilation. Study Questions. ASE-Style Review Questions. 14. COOLING SYSTEM. The Cooling System. Cooling System Circulation. Water Pump. Belts. Thermostat. Thermostat Bypass. Radiators. Study Questions. ASE-Style Review Questions. Part IV: ENGINE REPAIR AND REASSEMBLY. 15. ENGINE HARDWARE: FASTENERS, THREAD REPAIR AND GASKETS. Characteristics of Fasteners. Bolt Stretch. Torque and Friction. Bolt Failures. Drill Bits. Taps and Threads. Repairing Broken Fasteners. Flared Lines. Gaskets. Gasket Sealer. Seals. Study Questions. ASE-Style Review Questions. 16. REASSEMBLY AND STARTING. Warranty. Reassembly. Completion of Assembly. Engine Installation. Engine Starting and Initial Break-in of the Camshaft. Final Inspection and Cleaning. Study Questions. ASE-Style Review Questions. Part V: ENGINE POWER AND PERFORMANCE. 17. ENGINE BREATHING: INTAKE AND EXHAUST SYSTEMS. Intake and Exhaust Manifolds. Engine Modifications to Improve Air Flow. High-Performance Valves and Valve Springs. Exhaust Manifolds and Headers. Mufflers. Study Questions. ASE-Style Review Questions. 18. TURBOCHARGERS AND SUPERCHARGERS. Supercharging and Engine Power. Turbochargers. Turbo Boost and Lag. Supercharger Pressure Control. Variable Geometry Turbochargers. Aftercooler/Intercooler. Turbocharger Troubleshooting. Turbocharger Damage Diagnosis. Belt-driven Superchargers/ Blowers. Pressure Relief Valves. Dynamic Superchargers. Blower Problems. Study Questions. ASE-Style Review Questions. 19. PRODUCING POWER: VALVE TIMING, POWER AND TORQUE MEASUREMENT. Camshaft and Engine Performance. Checking Camshaft Timing. Camshaft Phasing, Lobe Centers and Lobe Spread. Variable Valve Timing. Active Fuel Management/Displacement on Demand. Power and Torque. Measuring Torque and Horsepower. Dynamometer Safety Concerns. Study Questions. ASE-Style Review Questions.

Tim LeVan is an instructor in the College of Applied Technologies at The University of Northwestern Ohio (UNOH) in Lima, Ohio. He holds a Bachelor of Applied Science degree from UNOH. He currently holds ASE Automotive Technician, AERA Cylinder Head and Engine Machining and NC3 / Snap-On Torque Training industry certifications. Tim has been involved as a member of the automotive advisory board for the Ohio Hi-Point Career Center and has been a presenter at the annual UNOH Update Seminar for many years. He has nearly three decades of experience as an automotive technician and Instructor. An automotive teacher for 38 years, Tim Gilles is professor emeritus in the Automotive Technology Department at Santa Barbara City College, has authored or coauthored several textbooks and has been active in professional associations for many years. He has served as president and a board member of the California Automotive Teachers (CAT), a board member and election committee chair of the North American Council of Automotive Teachers (NACAT), a member of the California Community College Chancellors Trade and Industry Advisory Committee and Education Committee chair for the Santa Barbara Chapter of the Independent Automotive Professionals Association. Mr. Gilles has also served several terms as a board member of the Santa Barbara Automotive Service Council and is active in industry associations such as AERA, The Automotive Repair Coalition and IATN, including presenting at numerous conferences. In addition, he has held ASE Master Automotive Technician and ASE Master Engine Machinist industry certifications.