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Speed Read Porsche 911

The History, Technology and Design Behind Germany's Legendary Sports Car by Dempsey, Wayne R. Code: 51757 Format: Paperback / 160 pages Publication date: 20/09/2018 Availability: Available, please contact us for availability Price: AU $24.99
Porsche 911, the latest in Motorbooks' Speed Read series, breaks this immortal rear-engined sports car down into fully illustrated, easy-to-digest portions that neophytes and experts alike will love. Strap yourself in, because Motorbooks' latest addition to the Speed Read series has arrived! Speed Read Porsche 911 explores the ins and outs of one of the world's premier sports cars; see what makes it tick, what makes it work, and how it managed to win so many titles and championships. Author Wayne Dempsey examines the creation and design of Porsche's rear-engined wonder, providing an inside look into every aspect of the 911. Speed Read Porsche 911 reveals the complete 911 story, and with insight from the author's in-depth knowledge, the never-ending allure of the 911 will win you over-even if you know nothing about racing and sports cars. Motorbooks always welcomes beginners to its Speed Read series. The books in this new line each break down a subject into accessible, compartmentalized sections, which are illustrated with commissioned artwork. The result is an informative package that's attractive to neophytes, established enthusiasts, and the simply curious.
Format: Paperback
Pages: 160
Availability: Available, please contact us for availability
Publication date: 20/09/2018
Country of publication: UNITED STATES
Weight: 480 g
Dimensions: 225mm X 170mm
Code: 51757