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Hey Charger: The Sensational Australian Chrysler Valiant Chargers 2016

Revised Edition by Gavin Farmer and Gary Bridger Code: 38367 Format: Hardback / 248 pages Publication date: 15/03/2016 Availability: Sorry, this is currently unavailable Price: AU $89.95

This book, written by Gavin Farmer and Gary Bridger covers the life and times of one of Australia’s most iconic sports coupes – the Valiant Charger. Conceived on a whim and a pauper’s budget, the Valiant Charger became the proverbial overnight sensation that saved Chrysler’s pride.

Hey, Charger goes into considerable detail to bring the enthusiast reader an insight into the machinations that went on within Chrysler to bring the Charger to market. It was no easy road.

Part of the success of the Charger was the fabulous advertising campaign that brought the phrase “Hey, Charger!” together with the V–sign into our language where it has remained to this day.

Hey Charger is a history detailed in both Australia and New Zealand where it enjoyed massive competition success that buoyed up the sales drive by Todd Motors.

To complete the book there are extensive specification charts, option codes and production charts including for special options made.

Format: Hardback
Pages: 248
Availability: Sorry, this is currently unavailable
Publication date: 15/03/2016
Country of publication: AUSTRALIA
Weight: 2600 g
Dimensions: 100mm X 100mm
Code: 38367