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Birthplaces of Australian Motor Racing

The History of 150 Defunct Car Racing Venues by Bill Pearson Code: 62603 Format: Paperback / 430 pages Publication date: 16/12/2022 Availability: In Stock, usually dispatched same day Price: AU $115.00

This book records and now preserves the history of Australian motorsport. Huge proportions of it were just on the very edge of being lost. By the time you have read this book, you will be unbeatable at Australian motor racing trivia around any race campground fire pit or BBQ. You will know what the deadliest day was trackside in this country, the speedway promoter who discovered and named one of Australias biggest international rock groups, the most extreme financial car racing venue disaster of all time, why many residential roads have names the people who live there dont appreciate, and what venue built its own railway station which is still in use today. You will discover places worth dragging the family off to so you can take photos of rusting artefacts and sprout knowledgeable but boring nostalgic conversations. Youll also be amazed at some of the historic car racing locations youve unknowingly been driving past. How do you locate old car venues when some were utterly demolished 90 years ago, an industrial complex built on the same spot, which was in turn torn down and replaced with a university, a lake or a multi-storey housing estate? This roll call of mine started out with two simple questions that most petrol heads in this country ask themselves sooner or later. How many car racing facilities have closed in Australia - and why?

Format: Paperback
Pages: 430
Availability: In Stock, usually dispatched same day
Publication date: 16/12/2022
Country of publication: UNITED KINGDOM
Weight: 1218 g
Dimensions: 279.00mm X 216.00mm
Code: 62603

You couldnt get a weirder mix of a bloke than Bill Pearson. Raised at Homebush in what at that time, in the 1960s, was considered the extremities of the Western Suburbs of Sydney, it took only one attendance at a race meeting to set him on the path of lifelong race car follower, participant and motor racing photographer. His jobs included copy boy, newsreel film editor and cameraman, videotape editor and TV workshop manager, ordained Baptist minister serving 14 years in two states (Rev Head), then a full-time professional award-winning taxidermist. (The connection between the last two occupations is life after death!) Next came drug and alcohol counsellor, family community services manager, ending with services manager with a large fiberglass supplies manufacturer. He taught himself how to do things by himself, sculpt and make his own fiberglass race car parts, all the automotive mechanics those projects involve, and was a skilled photographer with work published on the covers of Auto Sportsman and most other Australian car magazines. He was also a hunter/journalist, becoming a well-known and regular contributing journalist to Australian Sporting Shooter with regular articles and colour covers yet again. Supposedly retired, hes just finished building his own two-storey house in the mountains, virtually single-handedly over four years, which has formed just 58 of the over 250 videos uploaded to his WJP004 YouTube channel that is literally watched around the world. Having recently switched from dirt to only tar, his current racing goal is to keep on winning state championships alongside his even more successful son.