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Automobiles from Then to Now

by Grack, Rachel Code: 57656 Format: Paperback / 32 pages Publication date: 20/09/2019 Availability: Please contact us for availability Price: AU $15.99

It is said that necessity is the mother of invention. But time is the driver of technological development. See how the inventions we use every day, from cars to cell phones, have evolved from their birth to todays technological advancements. A running timeline on each page makes this series perfect for supporting STEM topics in the elementary grades. This book for elementary readers highlights the changes in automobiles from the first steam-powered cart to todays driverless cars. Engaging photographs and a running timeline illustrate important developments in technology that brought ideas to real-life. A table of contents, glossary, further resources, and an index are included.

Format: Paperback
Pages: 32
Availability: Please contact us for availability
Publisher: PITSTOP
Publication date: 20/09/2019
Country of publication: UNITED STATES
Weight: 0 g
Dimensions: 236mm X 152mm
Code: 57656