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100 Years of the Ulster Grand Prix

A Century of Road Racing by Windrum, Norman Code: 62029 Format: Hardback / 192 pages Publication date: 16/10/2022 Availability: In Stock, usually dispatched same day Price: AU $49.95

From the first race in 1922, the Ulster Grand Prix has been one of the most thrilling events in the international motorcycling calendar, attracting enormous crowds of spectators to watch the feats of the worlds great riders and machines. Now a century old, the UGP holds a special place in the hearts of fans across the world and here at home.

A lifelong fan, Norman has been attending the UGP for almost seventy years and has an unmatched knowledge of the event and its history. In this new book, he vividly captures the excitement of the event, from Hubert Hassalls win in the first race to Tom Herrons magnificent treble in 1978 and the domination of the Dunlop dynasty from the 1980s on.

With over 100 photographs, alongside lively commentary and stories, and bringing together stats about the race from across its entire history, this is the definitive account of one hundred years of the Ulster Grand Prix.

Format: Hardback
Pages: 192
Availability: In Stock, usually dispatched same day
Publication date: 16/10/2022
Country of publication: UNITED KINGDOM
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Code: 62029