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How to Improve Triumph TR7, TR7-V8 & TR8

by Williams, Roger Code: 47667 Format: Paperback / 208 pages Publication date: 05/04/2017 Availability: Available. Usually dispatched from UK 1-2 business days Price: AU $64.99

Aided by the top racing & high performance TR7 & TR7 V8 specialists, backed by ample photographic support, his own experiences & those of owners & professional specialists, the author explains in detail how to increase the performance of these four & eight-cylinder sports cars.

Using his own wealth of hands-on experience, combined with input from many owners and aided by the top TR7 and TR7 V8 specialists on both sides of the Atlantic, Roger Williams explains, in great detail, how to increase the performance, improve the aesthetics, handling and braking of the TR7. He also describes existing TR7-V8 conversions, plus the original TR7 V8.
Balanced improvements for fast road, ultra-fast road/rally, track-day as well as more serious motorsport are all explored.

Format: Paperback
Pages: 208
Illustration: COL & B&W THROUGHOUT
Availability: Available. Usually dispatched from UK 1-2 business days
Publication date: 05/04/2017
Country of publication: UNITED KINGDOM
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Code: 47667