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FIAT in Motorsport

Since 1899 by Bagnall, Anthony Code: 60968 Format: Hardback / 160 pages Publication date: 16/02/2022 Availability: Sorry, this is no longer available Price: AU $45.49 (was AU $69.99) You save AU $24.50

An in-depth look at Fiats historical and prestigious involvement in all forms of motorsport from the earliest days of racing right up to the present day. The achievements of the cars and drivers are described in detail, along with many original photographs, sourced from the official Fiat archives. In the early days, before the First World War, Fiat was a major contender in Grand Prix racing, and employed many of the leading drivers of the era. Although it withdrew from Grand Prix racing in 1927, Fiat cars were still to be seen participating in high-profile races, such as the Mille Miglia. In these events most Fiat models were sports editions of the highly successful Balilla range. In 1952 the introduction of the sensational 8V coupe resulted in many racing successes in private owners hands, while the late 1950s saw the introduction of Formula Junior class of racing and Fiat-engined cars were very successful in the early years. In the 1970s, Abarth, then owned by Fiat, successfully ran the rally team, which resulted in three World Championships. Speed record attempts over the years are also detailed in this fascinating history of Fiats sporting achievements.

Format: Hardback
Pages: 160
Availability: Sorry, this is no longer available
Publication date: 16/02/2022
Country of publication: UNITED KINGDOM
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Introduction Chapter 1 - Pre- World War 1 ("The Heroic Age") 1900 to 1905 Chapter 2 - The Heroic Age continued 1906 to 1914 Chapter 3 - The Glorious 1920s Chapter 4 - 1930s/1940s a quieter period Chapter 5 - a new venture Chapter 6 - Fiat based specials Chapter 7 - Formula Junior Chapter 8 - Rallying - Fiat returns Chapter 9 - The Abarth connection Appendix 1 - Technical specifications Appendix 2 - Major race results Appendix 3 - Rallying record

Tony Bagnall qualified as an accountant after leaving school, and spent 18 years in local government before joining the NHS. He then held several posts as Director of Finance, culminating as Director of Finance to Mersey Regional Health Authority. When Regional Health Authorities were abolished in 1996, he established a management consultancy practice that he ran for the next 12 years before retiring. Tony has previously written books covering motor racing at Aintree and the Alfa Romeo 2000 and 2600, and has also had articles published in club magazines. Since 2015 Tony has been a member of the Society of Automotive Historians in Britain (SAHB).