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Island Racer 2022

Your guide to the 2022 Isle of Man TT by Simons, Bertie Code: 61755 Format: Undefined / 148 pages Publication date: 27/05/2022 Availability: Pre Order. Release date: May 2022 Price: AU $24.95

Each year its 148 pages delivers the most incredible photos, articles and interviews with the modern gladiators who do battle on the worlds most punishing motorcycle course. 2022s Island Racer focuses on the biggest names and the fastest motorcycles that are taking on TT 2022 and uncovers the stories behind the headlines.

Format: Undefined
Pages: 148
Availability: Pre Order. Release date: May 2022
Publication date: 27/05/2022
Country of publication: UNITED KINGDOM
Weight: 0 g
Dimensions: 297.00mm X 206.00mm
Code: 61755