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The Van Life Cookbook

Delicious, practical recipes for life in small spaces by Jack, Danny Code: 61163 Format: Hardback / 160 pages Publication date: 28/04/2022 Availability: In stock at supplier. Usually dispatched 7-15 business days Price: AU $27.99

The idea of this book came about in the summer of 2020 when husband and wife duo Danny and Hailee put the finishing touches on their van towards end of the nationwide lockdown. By telling their story and sharing a few helpful hints of what worked and what didnt, they hope to inspire those seeking something similar.

Cooking and Approach, The Joys of Foraging, Breakfast and Brunch, Lunch and Snacks, Dinner, Dessert, Condiments, Sauces and Drinks, Index/List of Suppliers, Markets and Mealkits.

The Van Life Cookbook goes beyond a collection of recipes that can be made on a 2-ring gas hob. Its a book about an approach to cooking and eating that saves money, time, is good for your health and finds the best from the immediate environment. If you dig below the surface and look past the convenience of the supermarket, the numerous unhealthy takeaways, disappointing restaurants, and fast food advertising theres a whole world of independent producers waiting to be discovered.

Maximising time outdoors, minimising time in supermarket queues and eating more thriftily is a mindful approach. Inventive preparation of food feeds creativity, autonomy, and nourishes a conscious style in the kitchen. Most of all, its fun!

Format: Hardback
Pages: 160
Availability: In stock at supplier. Usually dispatched 7-15 business days
Publication date: 28/04/2022
Country of publication: UNITED KINGDOM
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Dimensions: 221.00mm X 156.00mm
Code: 61163

Danny Jack began working as a chef in restaurant kitchens rooted in the Anglo-French tradition, in particular the St Johns of the North: The Dogs in Edinburgh, where he learned the fine art of preserve and pickle-making and how to honour the whole animal. After relocating to London he branched out beyond the restaurant environment, hosting his own events in the midst of a nascent London pop-up scene, catering to London weddings and most recently running a 200 person banquet at Borough Market for the FairTrade organisation. He places seasonality, locality and provenance at the forefront of his food.

Hailee Kukura is originally from the small San Juan island community in the Pacific Northwest of America. She moved to Scotland to study at the University of Edinburgh. Now living in London, she is a project manager for the V&A. With a decade of experience in the cultural sector, she focuses her passion and practice towards projects that pose smart, socially engaged solutions to contemporary challenges.