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Best Drives Around the World

Spectacular Roads to Travel by Crawford, John Code: 52392 Format: Paperback / 256 pages Publication date: 02/12/2019 Availability: Please contact us for availability Price: AU $34.95

Hit the road and escape for a little while. With the best drives of the USA, Italy, Japan and more, this selection will take you around the world in style. From scenic country roads lined with picturesque meadows to switchback mountain routes that will get your heart racing, and featuring breathtaking scenery and advice for tourists, this book is an essential collection for every motoring enthusiast. Author John Crawford has traveled the globe - in cars, of course - as an automotive writer and PR executive for Jaguar and Bentley; now he offers you the chance to start your engine and enjoy the luxury drivers lifestyle as you journey through his pick of the best drives around the world.

Format: Paperback
Pages: 256
Availability: Please contact us for availability
Publisher: PITSTOP
Publication date: 02/12/2019
Country of publication: AUSTRALIA
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Dimensions: 0mm X 0mm
Code: 52392