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Porsche 917 x 17 - The Cars and Drivers in Studio

by Jeffrey R. Zwart Code: 21997 Format: Hardback / 279 pages Publication date: 01/10/2009 Availability: Please contact us for availability Price: AU $199.95
Publisher's Notes: Forty years after its 1969 debut, racing fans still regard the Porsche 917 with awe as one the greatest sports cars ever built. In Porsche 917 X 17: The Cars and Drivers in Studio, renowned automotive photographer and director Jeff Zwart follows up his award-winning book, Porsche Rennsport, with exquisitely rendered images of 17 of the most beautiful and historic 917s. Highlights include the first Porsche to win Le Mans overall, the 917K shared by Richard Attwood and Hans Hermann; the Gulf-Wyer 917K shared by Pedro Rodríguez and Jackie Oliver in 1971; and the notorious “Pink Pig”—a 917/20 that was raced just once by Willi Kauhsen in 1971. Using dramatic angles and controlled lighting, Zwart provides a fresh perspective on these iconic cars. He reveals each 917’s distinctive characteristics and patina, and shows artful technical details from inside the cockpit, chassis, and engine compartments. These photographs are accompanied by engaging portraits and vivid recollections from 15 Porsche drivers—including Derek Bell, Vic Elford, Brian Redman, and Hurley Haywood—who look back on the anticipation, fear, and excitement they felt driving the 917. With its heavy matte art paper, spot varnish, metallic silver ink, and cloth-covered slipcase, the book’s high-quality production is as lavish as Zwart’s photography. Of all the recently published 917 books this one stands alone in offering Porschephiles an all-new take on the cars and drivers. While the memory of many successful racing cars fades with time, that of the 917 has endured, passing not just into Porsche history but motorsport folklore itself. Amazing when you consider it raced for just five short seasons 40 years ago. The word “legend” is overused generally and in racing circles particularly, but if any car can be said to be worthy of it, the 917 surely is. —Derek Bell Note: Due to weight of the book, delivery within Australia via courier will be $15.95, overseas rates will automatically be calculated in our shopping cart. (publisher's editions are signed by all 15 drivers featured: Tony Adamowicz, Richard Attwood, Derek Bell, Vic Elford, George Follmer, Hurley Haywood, David Hobbs, Willi Kauhsen, Gerard Larrousse, Gijs van Lennep, Rudi Lins, Jackie Oliver, David Piper, Sam Posey and Brian Redman.)
Format: Hardback
Pages: 279
Availability: Please contact us for availability
Publisher: DAVID BULL
Publication date: 01/10/2009
Country of publication: UNITED STATES
Weight: 3630 g
Dimensions: 380mm X 250mm
Code: 21997