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Cars & Curves Vol.2

by Bogner, Stefan Code: 60185 Format: Hardback / 432 pages Publication date: 12/05/2021 Availability: Future Publication. Pre-order now. Due date: May 2021 Price: AU $75.00
Following on from Cars & Curves Volume 1, Volume 2 gathers an exquisite selection of the best and rarest Porche models, including the 908, 962, 718 Spyder, and Carrera Abarth, and follows them through awe-inspiring terrain. The action-packed photos, often taken from helicopters, are accompanied by powerfully written texts by Ben Winter, which complement the fascinating images and make the impressive routes feel like the real thing as if you were at the wheel. What are you waiting for? Leaf through, buckle up and drive off! Text in English and German. AUTHOR: Stefan Bogner is a writer, photographer, founder of a Munich Design Agency - and a passionate Porsche driver. With his stunning photos of curves, hairpins and serpentines, he has captured the magnificence of the Alpine passes. Sporty drivers consider his magazine Curves and his coffee-table book Escapes to be the ultimate guides to happiness. Over the last 20 years, Ben Winter has written for Germany's most renowned newspapers and magazines. As a former motorcycle racer, he can recognise most European and American race tracks from the taste of their gravel traps. For every major road, he can always find the far more beautiful detour. And he suffers terribly from chronic wanderlust. As the offspring of a dynasty of engineers and itinerant preachers, the professional photographer and qualified sociologist always sees the transcendency of all things. SELLING POINTS: A new book in the popular driving series, bringing the thrill of driving exquisite cars through heart-stopping terrain directly to people who love cars, speed, and the joy of the open road 400 colour illustrations
Format: Hardback
Pages: 432
Illustration: COLOUR SECTION(S)
Availability: Future Publication. Pre-order now. Due date: May 2021
Publication date: 12/05/2021
Country of publication: GERMANY
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Dimensions: 280.00mm X 210.00mm
Code: 60185