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McRae: Just Colin

by McMaster, Colin and Evans, David Code: 31465 Format: Hardback / 256 pages Publication date: 24/09/2013 Availability: Sold Out Price: AU $79.99

Colin McRae, the 1995 World Rally Champion, combined natural speed and a win-or-bust approach, to become the favourite of rally fans worldwide. The word McRae became superfluous, Colin was … just Colin. He drove for a variety of top teams including Ford, Citroën and Skoda, however the flying Scotsman is best remembered for his exploits in blue and yellow Subarus. Sadly Colins saying: “we’re here for a good time, not a long time” became all too true, when in 2007 the Scot was killed instantly in a helicopter accident.

This book details the real Colin McRae, from his beginnings to global fame. It explains his natural talent, flamboyant driving style and epic wins as well as his rivalries and friendships. The biography uncovers every aspect of Colin’s character, with a collection of personal stories, told by family and friends. McKlein’s photo archive has been used to lavishly illustrate these fascinating stories. Much of the behind-the-scenes photography has never previously been published.

Format: Hardback
Pages: 256
Availability: Sold Out
Publication date: 24/09/2013
Country of publication: GERMANY
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Code: 31465