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Spotlight on Holden 1948 - 1959

by Tony Davis Code: 9891 Format: Hardback Publication date: 01/07/1994 Availability: Available. Usually dispatched 1-3 business days Price: AU $34.95
The story of the "real" Holdens, 48/215 (FX) to FC. This was the era when Holden captured up to half the Australian new car market and dominated the family car scene. Light commercials, ute and van, were seen everywhere and taxi ranks were full of Holdens. The whole story is here including the racing history of the early models, which swarmed over racing circuits across the country. Supported by contemporary road test reports from Modern Motor (now Motor) this story should take pride of place on any Holden enthusiast's book shelf.
Format: Hardback
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Availability: Available. Usually dispatched 1-3 business days
Publication date: 01/07/1994
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Code: 9891