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Cobra Jet

The History of Ford's Greatest High-performance Muscle Cars Author: Kinnan, Rob Code: 51719 Price: AU $59.99 Format: Hardback / 192 pages Publisher: CARTECH Published date: 19/10/2020 Availability: Future Publication. Pre-order now. Due date: October 2020

Ford’s debut in April 1964 of the Mustang was the first stone overturned in the difficult task of repurposing its image to the youth market. The Mustang achieved that in spades but was often not taken very seriously in the muscle car ranks, where the 390GT engine was no match for the competition. When the Cobra Jet–equipped fastback Mustangs ......


Let Me Sell You a Ferrari

A Dealer's Memoir Author: Guarino, Robert E. Code: 59288 Price: AU $79.95 Format: Paperback / 224 pages Publisher: MCFARLAND & CO INC Published date: 26/10/2020 Availability: Future Publication. Pre-order now. Due date: October 2020

This book offers a unique perspective within the luxury automobile industry in which the author, a Ferrari dealer, recounts a lifetime with the iconic car brand. Chapters detail a wide range of experiences, like a nonstop drive in a 308GTB from Chicago to Boston; rides with important figures like Piero Ferrari and Dario Benuzzi; and a visit to ...



The Official Racing History of Glenn Seton Author: V8 Sleuth Code: 59295 Price: AU $99.95 Format: Hardback Published date: 31/10/2020 Availability: Please contact us for availability

FOR the first time, Australian motorsport legend Glenn Seton opens up about his Hall of Fame career in a brand new book: ‘Seto: The Official Racing History of Glenn Seton’.

Seton looks back on his amazing career in this 260-plus page career retrospective, covering the highs and lows of being both a driver and team owner in the ......


Enzo Ferrari

The Photographic Biography Author: Nye, Doug Code: 48569 Price: AU $105.77 Format: Hardback / 300 pages Publisher: EVRO PUBLISHING Published date: 24/11/2020 Availability: Future Publication. Pre-order now. Due date: November 2020
Following Evro Publishing's acclaimed photo memoirs of John Surtees and Stirling Moss, the appealing format of these books - wonderful photos with insightful narrative - is applied to the greatest figure in 20th century motor racing. In the aftermath of the Second World War, Enzo Ferrari went into motor racing with magnificent V12-engined cars and ......

British Leyland

From Triumph to Tragedy. Petrol, Politics and Power Author: Cole, Lance Code: 59728 Price: AU $52.50 Format: Hardback / 280 pages Publisher: PEN & SWORD Published date: 01/12/2020 Availability: Future Publication. Pre-order now. Due date: December 2020

What really happened at British Leyland (BL)? Was it just the cars, or were other factors vital to the story? Who really was to blame for BL and MG Rovers death? The truth about BL is deeper than its cars - were ultra- Left-wing plots to topple BL and British society real? Did secret deals and political intrigue really exist? Was it Labour or ......

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