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Car Competition Photos

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Our customer's 1973 Alfa Romeo Junior Zagato​

Our customer's 1999 Subaru 22b "Used for club events hill climbs and spritied drives. It's our first born child. Only 424 ever made and the ultimate Subaru"

"My 1979 MGBGT, taken at the 2015 MG Car Victoria Club Concours. I have owned the car since 1995, previously owned by my brother for 11 years. The car is in unrestored original condition and has covered 88,000 miles. The first owner took delivery in the UK and I have all the original papers"

Our customers 1977 MGB Roadster "It is not a Concours condition car but I have great fun competing in autokhanas, sprints, hill climbs and track days plus social runs with the MG Car Club of WA"

Our customers 1998 Nissan Skyline GTT "was purchased 5 years ago with most of the modifications already done. It may not have the cache or racing heritage of the GTR but I prefer the 2wd turbo Skylines because they're lighter and follow the more traditional path of sports cars being rear wheel drive"

"My Jaguar mk2 is a 3.4 litre with manual transmission and overdrive. The vehicle arrived in Sydney, late 1961 and was delivered new by Bryson Industries in December that year.The car has undergone an extensive restoration over several years.A great deal of care has been taken to ensure every detail is correct and it's true character has been retained. I have owned the car for over 20 years"

Our customer's 1981 Porsche 928s "It is an Australian delivered car with a rare manual gearbox in original condition"

Our customer's 1927 Bugatti type 35B "I've not driven the car myself, but my grandson loves to and can confirm how quick it is. The quarter size pedal car was completely scratch-built in my backyard shed, from the steel rolling chassis to the hand formed aluminium body. As an amateur, shaping the sheet metal body by hand became possible by the invaluable instruction found in Pitstop books and dvd's, particularly from the likes of Ron Fournier, Ron Covelle and Kent White. Designing and building the car has been satisfying in itself, but the best part has been seeing my grandson’s delight using the Bug right from when it was only a rolling chassis.
Photos. 1. Construction. 2&3. Completed car. 4. At speed"

Here's a photo of our customer's Healey Ausca track car at Lakeside. "It's built on an Austin Healey 100 chassis and running gear, with an Alfa 1750 twin cam motor & 5 speed gearbox. The body is one of the original 16 or thereabouts Ausca bodies built by Paul England in the mid-'50s following the success of his Ausca race car. Photo is by Ross Johnson"

1961 Meyers Manx Beach Buggy "I purchased my car late 2010 as a “resto project”, mid 2013 part way through the resto I developed cancer, I was unable to work or go near the car for nearly 10 months and thought it would never be finished. Eventually I started to go back and work on it for 15 minutes a day, after a few months I stretched this to an hour then half a day etc, it become a goal to be well enough for long enough to complete and drive it. The sense of achievement on the car also gave me the drive and belief that in small steps I could get well enough to return to work full time. 
I have now been back to work full time for a year, every time I look at my car or drive it, it reminds me no matter how big the challenge in life, small achievable steps turn into small completed goals, in the end you are able to achieve amazing big things"

A pic of our customers 1951 Jowett Jupiter "These are a particularly rare British Sports car (fewer than 900 made) with a significant competition history (3 Class wins at LaMans 1950/51/52. They were made by Juwett Cars Ltd. Bradford UK who made sedan and commercial vehicles from 1908 to 1953"

Our customers 1959 Chevy Belair

Our customers 1971 Cadillac Coupe DeVille "Extremely Original BLUE PLATE SURVIVOR Car ‐ 86000 Miles – The Ultimate Cruiser 
Runs and drives great. Awesome original example still on hubcaps!! 
PAINT: 64R Desert Beige Metallic – Dark Brown (Vinyl Roof) 
TRIM: 385 Antique Dark Saddle
ACC: C Cruise Control
E Soft Ray Tinted Glass 
K Automatic Climate Control
O Opera Lamps
V Six-Way Power Passenger Seat
1 AM/FM Stereo Radio -/c Integral Eight Track Tape Player"

"Built from bits laying around in a mates’ shed and mine, the only major
parts bought during the initial build were the gearbox, bell housing and clutch. ! Initially I was given the engine and a 14hp Austin with a body that was beyond it, the idea being to remove the body and fit the Dodge engine to the chassis but the chassis turned out to be unsuitable. Back to see my mate who happened to have a pair of chassis rails from a 27/28 Chev, just the job! And so two piles of bits were turned into a special that had its’ first outing at the VSCC Rob Roy hillclimb in 2008, where one club member commented that it was a good start. To my mind it was the start and the end, “what you see is what you get”.
! I haven’t stopped working on it since! The car has been used in numerous hillclimbs and sprints and more recently on the track.
! The engine is basically standard, as it came out of the truck. It has had the head machined with the only other “performance” modifications being the carburetors and manifolds, oil filter and harmonic balancer.
! Gearbox is 3 speed column change Dodge with the constant gear ratio changed! I use two different diff. ratios, depending on the event. 3.45 for hillclimbs and 2.9 for the track - otherwise it runs out of revs. The engine has plenty of torque though it can sometimes be a bit slow out of the corners.
Chassis - 27/28 Chev
Suspension, steering and brakes - Austin 14HP
Engine - Dodge SV6
Gearbox - Dodge
Radiator shell - 501 Fiat
Radiator - 3 core FB Holden
Instruments - EBay
Seat - Acquired and saved a number of years ago
Fuel tank - plane wing tank from ?
Competition number - On tank when I acquired it.
Presumed to be its’ clearing sale lot number"

A picture of our customers Nota KM200 "The KM 200 was built by Nota Engineering in Sydney in 1959. The car is branded chassis No. 11* The reason for this is that when Nota received the commission the customer did not reveal the origin of the car’s plans.This became an issue.The car was first raced by future Australian Gold Star Champion Spencer Martin in 1960 see Bathurst Book 1960/61. The car was owned by several owners and in 1969 she received an engine transplant of a more race worthy Ford Engine and transmission. I have owned the car since 1983. My son Damien learned to drive the car when he was 12 years old. He first raced the car when he was 14years old. Old enough to get his CAMS licence. Damien and the KM 200 still hold the Historic Group O record at Mt Cotton hill climb.The car has also won class C in the Frank Gardiner Memorial Trophy series 2011 and second in 2012 and 2013. A fantastic Sunday drive car!!!!"

Two pictures of our customer's 1937 Hudson Terraplane at speed in the Albany "Round the Houses" race June 2015

Our customer's 1965 Corvette roadster, 327 ci / 350 hp engine.

A few pics of our customers 1930 Chevrolet Sport Roadster. Below are "photo's of my 1930 Chevrolet Sport Roadster it is 6 Cylinder - 194 ci Engine ( 3.2 Litre ) , 3 Speed Manual " Crash " Gearbox ( No Synchromesh ) , 4 Wheel Mechanical Brakes ( Non - Hydraulic ) , 6 Wheel Equipped ( Twin Spares ) Dickey Seat , Body built by Holden Motor Bodies Adelaide - Vehicle assembled by General Motors Australia in November 1930 , Total Roadster Build in 1930 = 369 ( 167 Sport Roadsters = 19" Wire Wheels , Dickey Seat , Front & Rear Chrome Bumper Bars ) , low numbers built due to the Great Depression. Cruising Speed = 80 - 85 kmh . Multiple Trophy Winner . Lot of Blood , Sweat , Tears and Money in this car"

Our customers 1928 Ford Model A Hot Rod

Our customers '67 Shelby GT-500. "I have owned my Shelby for 11 years and it's a 6 Time National Gold Award Winner in Mustang Concours. The colour is Dark Moss Green with Black Decor Interior, 428 with a 4 Speed. I had always wanted to own a '67 Shelby for years so i managed to save enough so when one comes up for sale then i could afford to to step up to the plate and to purchase one. In May 2004, i saw a very small advertisement of a '67 Shelby for sale in the Unique Cars Magazine in Western Australia, it was right year, colour and most important, a GT-500 which equates to a Factory 428 Big Block. Before i knew it, i was the proud new owner of this Shelby which was 85% restored and only some fine detailing work required which took 6 months to complete, the Shelby, then went on to win 6 National Gold Awards in Mustang Concours and numerous other car show awards. In 2009, i was elected, The Australian Shelby Registrar which is a great honour and together with Shelby Reps assisting me around the country organising Shelby Displays and promoting the Shelby Movement which is so rewarding. There's a couple of reasons of why, this Shelby is so special to me, since owning my Shelby, i have been in contact with the 2nd Owners (Husband & Wife) who owned it for 25 years in California who are 82 years old and we're very good friends, also i took my late Mum for a drive in the Shelby which she loved, it was a very special day which i will never forget in my lifetime. So, dreams really do come true in one person's life so never give up in what you believe in and i always say, how Classic Cars always bring people together all around the world, this is my Shelby story"

"this photo was taken at the first round of the Western Australian Pro Dirt Series at Ellenbrook Speedway during the 2014 / 2015 season. The category of car is a Dirt Late Model, a speedway sedan category that originated in the US and has now been in Australia for a number of years. The cars are a purpose built chassis mostly imported from the US, left hand drive, 800+hp, weigh a little over 1000kg and very exciting to drive. Late Model sedans are well on their way to becoming the premier category to be found at speedways around Australia"

Our customers 65 Corvette Stingray 396ci / 425hp Roadster "I purchased FURY in late 2007 after wanting a C2 Corvette since I was a Little Boy – I just always loved the shape of the Mid Year / First Gen Stingray. I always wanted a 67 427 Tri Power with the Stinger Hood, but was offered and Great Deal on this Amazing Car to the point that I would have had to have spent double the money to get a 67 in the Same Condition / Originality as My 65 – because the 67 is so popular. After owning my 65 I would not swap her for the World now that I appreciate what a Unique Car the 65 is after getting to know them intimately. Fury has scored a 98.6% Top Flight Award with the Australian Chapter of the NCRS.
65 Corvette was the First Year for:
The Iconic Big Block Corvette and only year for the 396ci / 435hp.
Side Pipes.
Disc Brakes
P.O.P. (Protect – O – Plate)
Telescopic Steering Wheel
Knock Off / Single Spinner Aluminium Wheels
F41 Special Suspension
There were only 2157 65 Corvette Big Block’s ever made"

Our customers 2013 MX-5 Roadster Coupé Sport

Some pics of our customers 1979 BMW E21 323i and 2003 BMW E46 330ci M Sport "My two prized possessions – a 1979 BMW E21 323i which I have owned for 33 years and my 2003 BMW E46 330ci M Sport which I have owned for 2 years. As you can probably guess I am a bit of a BMW nut. I also have some 100 1/18 scale BMW diecast model cars in my collection. The E21 has been restored over the years with a new engine (2001), repaint (2012) and new upholstery (2013) and is now a regular at local car shows. The E46 is my daily driver. I’m just a bit of a BMW fan . They are great cars to drive and I suppose there’s a bit of a style about them. The only down side is that they can be a bit costly to fix when things go wrong but that’s the price you pay for a passion"

A pic of our customers 1950 Buick Sedanette "The car has been on the road since 1997, hubby brought it when he was 16 and it took him 2 yrs to complete the car. The car was in an original undriveable state when purchased. It has a 3 1/2" roof chop, frenched headlights, 59 Cadillac tail lights, custom made stainless trim and miles of tuck n roll interior all this powered by a 318 Chrysler Poly with tri-power carbs"

Photo of our customer's 1969 Excalibur Phaeton "This is a low volume factory built car that cost US $9000 new and was sold to Mr James Brown the famous singer. The second owner was the Inland Revenue who seized it because of tax arrears. It has a 327 Corvette engine and 4 speed manual gearbox and goes really well. I imported and fully restored it"​

Our customers REO "It all began in the 60's: We (my father, 2 brothers and I) were looking to acquire a vintage car and had heard about a Reo 1927 Flying Cloud that was languishing in someone's backyard about 30 miles south of where we lived in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. We drove down to Jimboomba to take a look; but the old lady wouldn't sell as it had been her husband's car and he had been killed in WW2. She was leaving it where he had parked it and the ravages of 20 years in the open had certainly taken their toll. We had never heard of REO but noted that it had a very nice winged, enameled badge on the radiator shell.
Some months later we saw an advertisement in the ‘Courier Mail’ for a 1929 Red Silver Cloud for $50.00. It was 90 klms in the other direction (at Rosevale) but the chance to own, what we believed to be, a Red Rolls Royce for A$50 had us hot on the trail.When we arrived we found that it had been a typographical error and it was, in fact, a 1929 REO Flying Cloud in a country wreckers yard with that same badge on the radiator. We immediately jumped to the conclusion that it was the same as the one we had previously seen and the following weekend we put a battery in and drove it home on a "Permit to Drive an Unregistered Vehicle". The body, seats and roof were in a sad condition but it was all there and running. Six months later we again visited the old lady for a closer look at "her" car and immediately saw there were a lot of differences. However she had been thinking that although it wasn't right to sell her late husband's car she was now sure he would be happy for us have it in exchange for a lottery ticket. You’d better believe it! We towed the '27 home on a trailer, disposed of the rusty body and chassis and kept all the good bits. And yes, we did find some parts of the 1927 'A' interchanged with our 1929 'C' but naturally most are still "in the shed". Nowadays we realize that car would have been restorable too. Then in about 1970 the son of the original owner of our 1929 Flying Cloud found us and graciously presented us with the original handbook/manual. Apparently the car had originally been in the wheat growing Mallee district in Victoria but had migrated north to Queensland with the family. Over the next 20 years we gradually restored our 1929 REO Flying Cloud (5 wire wheel equipped) and it gave me tremendous pleasure in 2004 to drive in it with my daughter to her wedding. I think there were more photographs taken of the REO on that day than of the bride! In 2008 we repeated the joyful experience with the marriage of our youngest daughter. Like many REO owners there is always a story behind their car and we hope you enjoyed reading ours"

Our customers Triumphs 1976 Stag -1959 TR3A

A picture of our customers 1962 Jaguar E-Type "I bought the car new in December 1962 and still have it, now in it's 53rd year of ownership" (visit our customers website to read the wonderful history of this E-type)

Photo's of our cusomer's father's 1958 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Spider 750 which he restored & raced! Also, some pics of our customers 1965 Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint GT 105 which is raced in Group SB Historics.

A pic of our customers SLK 55 AMG "This is my second Mercedes-Benz and was bought just over 20 months ago. I have always loved well engineered cars and the Mercedes-Benz is beautifully engineered.
The SLK 55 AMG is a 2005 model, which when purchased, had travelled just 25,000 Km. It was purchased interstate and the drive home from Melbourne to Brisbane was one of the most memorable experiences with the car as it poured rain the entire trip and we had the opportunity to see the car’s behaviour across a wide range of surfaces in very poor conditions. It was an absolute joy to drive this car even on the worst roads in poor conditions. One of my daughters came down to Melbourne and drove back with me. It was a great father daughter time which will always be a fond memory. She even had a drive on the way back and loved it. My previous cars have included a range of Europeans and a few Japanese cars and all were 4 cylinder vehicles. The SLK 55 AMG is the first V8 I have owned and I have to say there is nothing else quite like listening to the exhaust when the roof is down on nice drive day. This picture of the car is at the recent Mercedes-Benz Concours in QLD where it was judged 1st in class"

Our customers 77 LX Torana hatchback. "It is an SS Tribute, 308, 4 wheel disc, mint Julip green, 4 speed car that I have owned for 13 years and recently restored. I grew up in the Peter Brock Torana era and always wanted a Torana Hatch. I managed to pick this one up from a fussy owner for a good price before the value went sky high. Its just a great little car that's very fast, turns heads and gets lots of admiring comments. Everyone seems to love a hatchback"

Our customers Datsun 1200 Ute​

A couple of pics of our customers Wolseley Hornet Mk 3 1968. "He was built in England in May 1968 and sent to Hong Kong a week later. I think that makes him the only English buikt Wolseley or Riley in the Hornets and Elfs out here. I'm his 4 th owner. He was at one time owned by John Smidt of Mini Kingdom fame. Hes in the garage because he needs a new clutch hose. Theres a 1959 Bugeye in the distance awaiting a new master cylinder"

Our customers Alfa Romeo Giulia Super 1970 Biscione

Our customers 1927 Riley Nine tourer. "The car was restored by my father in the early ‘80s (after he had owned it since the early sixties) and sold in about 1986. I bought it a few years after his death when it came up for sale, after it had passed through a couple of people, as a sort of “reconnection” with him"

"This is the tenth and latest car I have built.It is based on 1936 Armstrong Siddeley mechanicals and is built in the likeness of an ERA. ( I can't afford a million quid!). 6 cyl 1.6 litre and supercharged. Hence SAS. It took me three years.This shot is of its inaugural run at Phillip 2013"

Pics of our customers 1974 Escort RS 2000 Mk1 (UK Import)


“The 1948 Rover 75 4-light, Sportsman Saloon, a modern refined car with comfortable, smooth, quiet, unflappable real performance retaining the prewar elegance, style and quality of craftsmanship from the halcyon days of Rover. A rare true classic. This is an Australian delivered car with factory fitted suitcases, provisional workshop manual printed on foolscap paper and complete toolkit”.

Our customers 4 Cylinder Escort. "I purchased the car back in 1989.I was a 2nd year apprentice at the time & my current car back then was just too unreliable to get me to work etc on time. I took the plunge, took out a loan and went shopping for a new car. I looked at plenty of cars & it came down to a choice of the Escort or an XR Falcon GT. Being an apprentice and not earning big dollars, I opted for the 4 cylinder Escort! Its been through rebuilt engines, re-trimmed interiors & a few repaints over the years but it holds quite a bit of sentimental value to me & I will never part with it!"

A couple of photos of our customers rally car. "The car is a Datsun 1600 rally car, which I have just finished building up as a gravel rally car. We have just started using it in rallies in South Australia and it is now going okay"

A couple of photos of our customers 1960 MGA 1600 Leman tribute car .

"1958 Austin Healey 100/6. It gets driven about 8,000 miles a year on various club runs and events. Owned since 2005 and hit a kangaroo at Christmas in northern Victoria. Thank you Shannons for a timely and complete repair"

A photo of our customers subtly customised 2010 BMW Z4 sDrive35i roadster. "My BMW Z4 is a pampered "pet" and so it is always immaculate. It's quite popular when I show it at events; I've managed a few trophies for Best in Class and one Best in Show. While it looks fantastic standing still with top up and with top down, it provides plenty of go out on the road too - the best of both worlds!"

"Meet 'Max', as the black 1976 XB Fairmont hardtop is known, started out as a $500 rolling body shell when my wife and I bought it from a large acreage property owner near Calliope in Queensland back in 2003.
With the help of a whole host of different people and businesses in the Gladstone region, the sad looking body shell was transformed into the Mad Max Interceptor you see today.
After Max's 'resurrection', it was used in quite a number of Queensland-based charity bashes and was associated with trophies for Highest Fundraiser (twice), Best Presented Car and Best Theme.
During Max's life as a charity bash car (2004 - 2011) over $70,000 was raised by the Mad Max Interceptor team.
Max travelled to such far flung places as Darwin, Karumba (in the Gulf of Carpentaria), Mt Isa, Longreach and Broken Hill, to name just a few. Even took the car to meet up with Adrian Bennett at Silverton in 2010 just before Adrian's Mad Max Museum was opened to the public.
These days Max, much like its owners, is leading a much quieter life after all those years of faithful and reliable service."

February 11, 2016
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