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We want YOU to be a part of our forthcoming Ford Publication!

We are looking for the best Australian Ford stories & photographs to commemorate the end of an era for locally built Ford cars. Take your chance to be part of this unique publication!

Please supply a photograph and accompanying text (it can be from one sentence to a max of 500 words). The topic must be mainly about Australian Fords. We are looking for anything from racing Fords to the Ford your grandfather bought way back when, to the battered ute that has served on the farm for many years, from the original models T’s of the 1920s to the latest & last XR6 & XR8 Sprints. The best entries will be combined into a beautiful hardcover coffee table book, a true collector’s item celebrating Ford’s history as a manufacturer in Australia.

Please e-mail us at with a photograph(s) and description of your Ford, or Ford- related story and have your beloved pictures in print!

August 25, 2016
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