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Light Duty Hybrid/Electric Vehicles

by Quarto, Mark Code: 61647 Format: Spiral bound / 304 pages Publication date: 08/05/2022 Availability: Pre Order. Release date: May 2022 Price: AU $229.00

Starting with the basics, MAST: Light Duty Hybrid/Electric Vehicles provides students with the building blocks necessary to become highly competent entry-level technicians. This title breaks down the different types of vehicle systems to their most fundamental components and then builds on that knowledge to bring the learner up to speed on cutting-edge topics and systems.

MAST: Light Duty Hybrid/Electric Vehicles spans a wide range of topics:  from hybrid/EV safety systems, to battery chemistries, power conversion and motor operation, to interconnected network dynamics. Covering every aspect of the modern vehicle this title can be easily integrated into any automotive program or utilized as a standalone course.

  • Outcome focused with clear learning objectives throughout the text
  • Emphasizes safety practices for high voltage circuits and high voltage system power down
  • Explores the chemistry, applications, and integrations of batteries and fuel cells
  • Familiarizes students with present-day technology, such as autonomous driving systems, vehicle connectivity, and telematics
  • Prepares students for the ASE L3 exam


Dynamic Technology Solutions:

This text aligns to a comprehensive online curricula: MAST: Light Duty Hybrid/Electric: Online Course. This course uses the textbook content as an instructional framework, incorporating additional interactive and media resources to enhance student learning. These resources are integrated with the text to create a seamless presentation of related content that appeals to diverse styles of learning. For additional details on the resources included in this package, please refer to the list below. 


Online Resources include: 

  • Extensive collection of videos and animations that bring concepts and procedures to life
  • NEW FEATURE: 5 interactive 3D animations
  • Integrated quizzes and tests that measure students knowledge and prepare them for the ASE L3 exam
  • Fillable tasksheets walk students through important procedures from the text
  • Sophisticated grading and analytics tools to help gauge students success and knowledge progression
  • Audiobook and eBook versions of the text allow students with varying learning styles to accessibly consume the material.
Format: Spiral bound
Pages: 304
Availability: Pre Order. Release date: May 2022
Publication date: 08/05/2022
Country of publication: UNITED STATES
Weight: 0 g
Dimensions: 0.00mm X 0.00mm
Code: 61647
  • Chapter  1  Hybrid and Electric Vehicle High-Voltage Safety
  • Chapter  2  Advanced Internal Combustion Engine Technologies
  • Chapter  3  Battery Chemistry Technologies
  • Chapter  4  Power Inverters, Converters, and Regenerative Braking Systems
  • Chapter  5  Electric Machine Drive Systems
  • Chapter  6  Electric Vehicle Thermal Control Systems
  • Chapter  7  Micro, Mild, and Two-Mode Hybrid Vehicle Technologies
  • Chapter  8  Extended-Range Electric Vehicle and Fuel Cell Technologies
  • Chapter  9  Automotive Vehicle Connectivity
  • Chapter  10  Autonomous and Collision-Avoidance Systems

Dr. Mark L Quarto - Founder & CTO, Quarto Technical Services

Nicholas Goodnight - Automotive Instructor, Ivy Tech, Fort Wayne, Indiana

Nicholas Goodnight, PhD is an ASE Master Certified Automotive and Truck Technician and an Instructor at Ivy Tech Community College. With nearly 20 years of industry experience, he brings his passion and expertise to teaching college students the workplace skills they need on the job. For the last several years, Dr. Goodnight has taught in his local community of Fort Wayne and enjoys helping others succeed in their desire to become automotive technicians.