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Transportation Electrification

Breakthroughs in Electrified Vehicles, Aircraft, Rolling Stock,Watercraft Author: Mohamed, A.A. Code: 62646 Price: AU $224.00 Format: Hardback / 560 pages Publisher: WILEY-BLACKWELL Published date: 02/02/2023 Availability: Delivery estimate: Usually dispatched 7-15 business days

Dive deep into the latest breakthroughs in electrified modes of transport

In Transportation Electrification, an accomplished team of researchers and industry experts delivers a unique synthesis of detailed analyses of recent breakthroughs in several modes of electric transportation and a holistic overview of ......


The Train Book 2/e

The Definitive Visual History Author: DK Code: 62600 Price: AU $65.00 Format: Hardback / 320 pages Publisher: DORLING KINDERSLEY Published date: 19/01/2023 Availability: In stock at supplier. Usually dispatched 3-7 business days

The definitive visual history of the train and the railways - in its second edition This stunning book is a glorious celebration of all things train and track. Packed with stunning photography, The Train Book catalogues the development of trains from early steam to diesel engines and electric locomotives, explores in detail iconic trains such ......


Industrial Railways

Britain's Heritage Author: Coulls, Anthony Code: 62655 Price: AU $27.50 Format: Paperback / 64 pages Publisher: AMBERLEY Published date: 15/12/2022 Availability: In stock at supplier. Usually dispatched 7-15 business days

Since the dawn of the railways, away from the glamour of the main line express, thousands of miles of industrial railway moved raw materials and finished products. From sewage works to sugar factories, all manner of industries were served. These sometimes employed dozens of locomotives, or in other cases simply a horse or a petrol tractor. The ......

Page 1 of 1 (3 items)