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Best of British Tractors

Author: McCann, Liam Code: 60952 Price: AU $29.95 Format: Paperback / 128 pages Publisher: G2 ENTERTAINMENT LTD Published date: 30/10/2021 Availability: Please contact us for availability

Best of British Tractors is a celebration of the pioneers and innovators of British farming machinery whose names have become familiar as our most famous tractor manufacturers This affectionate tribute also shows how these tractors have changed the landscape of British farming and become part of the fabric of country life.


Opel Blitz 1, 1.5, 2, 2.5 Ton Lorries

Author: Ranger, Alan Code: 59362 Price: AU $39.99 Format: Paperback / 80 pages Publisher: MUSHROOM MODEL PUBLISHING Published date: 30/10/2021 Availability: Future Publication. Pre-order now. Due date: October 2021

Opel Blitz (German for ""lightning"") was the name given to various light and middle-weight truck series built by the German automobile manufacturer Opel from 1930. This book focuses on the light version of the Blitz lorry deployed by the Wehrmacht during World War II: Opel Blitz type 3,5-134 & 3,5-157; Opel Blitz type 2,0-12; Opel Blitz type ......


Long Haul

A Trucker's Tales of Life on the Road Author: Murphy, Finn Code: 50892 Price: AU $32.99 Format: Paperback / 256 pages Publisher: WW NORTON & CO Published date: 25/11/2021 Availability: Future Publication. Pre-order now. Due date: November 2021
"The stories Murphy tells . . . how astonishing they are, and how moving, and how funny."- New York Times Book Review

Australian Buses and Coache

Author: Finneran, Tony Code: 61073 Price: AU $39.99 Format: Paperback / 96 pages Publisher: AMBERLEY Published date: 20/01/2022 Availability: Please contact us for availability

This book offers a chronological view from the oldest colour images to the latest buses. It focuses mainly on buses, although many Australian-built chassis were generally used for coach operations and some of these are featured. Before the Second World War, buses were mainly of British origin with local bodywork. During the 1970s the European ......

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