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Classic Cars

60 Years of Driving Excellence Author: Auto Editors of Consumer Guide Code: 61161 Price: AU $47.50 Format: Hardback / 320 pages Publisher: PUBLICATIONS INTERNATIONAL Published date: 14/02/2022 Availability: Pre Order. Release date: February 2022

Description: Classic Cars celebrates 78 fascinating vehicles that cover a broad swath of automotive history.

  • Large-format photography and informative text.
  • Enjoy such familiar favorites as the 1939 Ford DeLuxe Coupe, 1953 Cadillac Eldorado, and 1961 ......

The World Of Formula One

The Drivers - The Races - The Cars - The Excitement Author: O'Neill, Michael Code: 61601 Price: AU $45.99 Format: Hardback / 144 pages Publisher: SONA BOOKS Published date: 11/04/2022 Availability: Pre Order. Release date: April 2022
With the Netflix series "Drive to Survive" bringing an ever increasing audience to the Grand Prix circuit world wide The World of Formula One brings you; the Races, the Tracks, the Drivers, the Teams, the Constructors and all the Stats in on place.

The Automotive Gray Market

An Inside History Author: Hege, John Code: 60889 Price: AU $39.99 Format: Paperback / 162 pages Publisher: MCFARLAND & CO INC Published date: 01/05/2022 Availability: Pre Order. Release date: May 2022

In the 1970s, as car enthusiasts in the U.S. grew bored with models manufactured under tightening pollution and safety regulations, some innovative dealers exploited a legal loophole--designed to allow U.S. soldiers and diplomats to return from abroad with their vehicles--to import exotic cars never intended for sale in America. During the ......


16,000 Miles to Mexico City

The 1970 London to Mexico World Cup Rally Author: Connor, Robert Code: 61216 Price: AU $63.00 Format: Paperback / 277 pages Publisher: MCFARLAND & CO INC Published date: 27/05/2022 Availability: Pre Order. Release date: May 2022

Imagine driving 16,000 miles in 25 days over some of the roughest terrain in the world, at altitudes up to 16,000 feet, where engines and lungs gasp for air. Imagine 500-mile speed trials over rocky mountain tracks, racing against the clock and 95 other cars. Imagine attempting this more than 50 years ago, without GPS or cell phones. In April ......


Max Hoffman : Million Dollar Middleman

The story of the man who fuelled America's love affair with Europe'sfinest auto marques Author: Kornblatt, Myles Code: 61786 Price: AU $63.95 Format: Hardback / 160 pages Publisher: SCHIFFER PUBLISHING Published date: 15/06/2022 Availability: Pre Order. Release date: June 2022

This fascinating story charts the career of Max Hoffman, the US car dealer who represented Jaguar, Porsche, Mercedes, Volkswagen, Fiat, Lancia, BMW, and many other European car brands during the decades following WWII. He pushed for distinguished now-classics like the Mercedes 300 SL Gullwing, Porsche Speedster, BMW 507, and Alfa Romeo ......


Van Nuys Blvd 1972

Author: McCloskey, Rick Code: 61768 Price: AU $136.00 Format: Hardback / 132 pages Published date: 30/06/2022 Availability: Pre Order. Release date: June 2022

In the Los Angeles suburb of San Fernando Valley, Wednesday night was cruise night. A long stretch of Van Nuys Boulevard would be packed with kids and cars from all over Southern California – the place to show off your ride. By 1972, the year Rick McCloskey went to Van Nuys to shoot this series of photographs, the culture on the boulevard had ......


Automobile Heritage and Tourism

Author: Conlin and Joliffe Code: 61783 Price: AU $115.00 Format: Paperback / 268 pages Publisher: ROUTLEDGE Published date: 13/07/2022 Availability: Pre Order. Release date: July 2022

Automobile heritage encompasses a complex range of artefacts and activities. Beyond just historic vehicles which are the primary artefacts of this niche, it also includes communities of collectors and enthusiasts, private owners and public institutions, as well as historic motoring environments, literally thousands of museums, exhibitions and ......


Silverstone and Formula 1

Author: Meredith & Blackwell Code: 61530 Price: AU $39.95 Format: Paperback / 96 pages Publisher: AMBERLEY Published date: 15/07/2022 Availability: Pre Order. Release date: July 2022

Silverstone Circuit was converted to a motor racing track from a World War 2 bomber airfield after the war. The first grand prix was held in 1948 and 1950 the British Grand Prix at Silverstone heralded the birth of the Formula 1 World Championship of Drivers. Today, Silverstone has been spectacularly redeveloped, with the new Silverstone ......


Air & Water

Rare Porsches, 1956-2019 Author: Saratoga Automobile Museum Code: 61784 Price: AU $127.00 Format: Hardback / 288 pages Publisher: SCHIFFER PUBLISHING Published date: 28/07/2022 Availability: Pre Order. Release date: July 2022

Throughout the history of the sports car, no marque has epitomized the excitement and passion of driving like Porsche. The Saratoga Automobile Museum, in collaboration with architect Steven Harris, presents 22 of the marques rarest air and water-cooled cars. This remarkable collection highlights the manufacturers past seven decades of ......


Max Verstappen

The Inside Track on a Formula One Star Author: Gray, James Code: 61682 Price: AU $34.95 Format: Paperback / 288 pages Publisher: ICON PUBLISHING LTD Published date: 07/08/2022 Availability: Pre Order. Release date: August 2022


Few drivers have ever shaken up Formula 1 in quite the same way as Max Verstappen. Already the youngest competitor in F1 history, having made his ......


The Dealer

How One California Dealership Fueled the Rise of Ferrari in America Author: Ciardella, Jim Code: 70027 Price: AU $42.50 Format: Paperback / 208 pages Publisher: PROMETHEUS BOOKS Published date: 15/08/2022 Availability: Pre Order. Release date: August 2022

When Ferrari of Los Gatos opened, few people could afford an expensive sports car. In 1973, the average annual income was $12,686, and a new home cost about $48,000. Motorists in California could only buy gas on odd or even-numbered days based on the last digit of their license plate, due to the global oil crisis. Times were tough, and people ......


The Wonderful World of Jeremy Clarkson

My life on the road with Jeremy Author: Sage, Phillipa Code: 61774 Price: AU $19.99 Format: Paperback / 240 pages Published date: 21/08/2022 Availability: Pre Order. Release date: August 2022
A further peek behind the scenes of Jeremy Clarkson's rock 'n' roll world tour

The Women of General Motors

A Century of Art & Engineering Author: Smith, Constance Code: 61785 Price: AU $79.99 Format: Hardback / 304 pages Publisher: SCHIFFER PUBLISHING Published date: 28/08/2022 Availability: Pre Order. Release date: August 2022

Contrary to popular opinion, the automotive industry is not a mans world! Since the early days of General Motors, there have been women-known and unknown-who have had vital roles in design, engineering, manufacturing, and administration. In this follow-up to Damsels in Design, her book on women automotive designers from 1939-1959, Constance ......

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