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How to Power Tune Ford V8: 221, 255, 260, 289, 302 & 351 Cu

in Smallblock Engines for Road and Track by Hammill, Des Code: 56263 Format: Paperback / 128 pages Publication date: 15/09/2020 Availability: Available to special order. Please contact us for updated price and availability. Price: AU $56.34

The complete illustrated guide to building a powerful & reliable high performance Ford V8 smallblock engine for street or track use. Covers limitations of standard components, component modifications, component interchanges, blueprinting & professional build tips. All Des Hammills advice is based on many years of practical experience with these engines.

Format: Paperback
Pages: 128
Availability: Available to special order. Please contact us for updated price and availability.
Publication date: 15/09/2020
Country of publication: UNITED KINGDOM
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Dimensions: 250.00mm X 207.00mm
Code: 56263

Introduction 6The scope of this book 7Stock block high performanceengines 10RPM-limited (6500rpm max)competition engines 11Early 221 engines 11Acknowledgements 12Using this book & essentialinformation 13Using this book 13Essential information 13Chapter 1. Cylinder blocks, cranks,con rods & pistons 15Rpm potential of various blocks & components 16221, 260 & 289ci blocks 16221ci engine 16260ci engine 18289ci engine 18Hi-Performance 289ci engine 18Crankshafts (221, 260 & 289) 19Connecting rods (221, 260 and 289) 20Connecting rods (Hi-Performance 289) 21Crankshaft (High-Performance 289) 21Engine parts(Heavy Duty Hi-Performance 289) 22302ci block 23Connecting rods (302/255) 23Pistons (all engines) 25Boss 302ci block (1969-70) 25Crankshafts (Boss 302) 26Connecting rods (Boss 302) 27Mexico 302 block (1970-75) 28Windsor 351 block (1969-97) 28255ci block (1980-82) 28Chapter 2. Engine balance 29Amounts of external balance 31Engines running a sustained 6500rpm 34Chapter 3. Crankshaft dampers 35Chapter 4. Camshafts 38Valve lift (stock hydraulic camshafts) 39Early rockers (1962- mid-66 or 67) 40Rail rockers (mid-1966 to mid-78) 40Stamped steel rockersmid-1978 to 2002 41Summary 41Valve lift 41Aftermarket camshaft manufacturers 42Smooth idle hydraulic camshafts 42Competition-type mediumduration/lift camshafts 42Hydraulic medium duration camshafts 43Mechanical medium durationracing camshafts 43Chapter 5. Cylinder heads 45221ci cylinder heads 45260ci cylinder heads 46289ci cylinder heads (1st generation) 46289ci High-Performance cylinderheads 47289ci cylinder heads (2nd generation) 47289ci High-Performance cylinderheads (2nd generation) 47289ci cylinder heads (lowcompression) 48302ci (& 351ci Windsor) cylinderheads 48255ci cylinder heads 49GT-40 cast iron cylinder heads 50Choosing the best cylinder heads 51GT-40 type cylinder heads 51351ci Windsor engine cylinder heads 52302ci 4V & 289 Hi-Performance cylinder heads 53Cylinder head checking &preparation 53Valve guides 53Valve seats 53Valves 54Rocker studs 54Installing screw in rocker studs 56Using early type rocker armson later heads 57Compression ratio (CR) 58A worst case CR scenario 60Calculating CR 61Chapter 6. Valves 62Valves and valve spring retainers. 62Original valve specification 63First valve change 64Second valve change 64Third valve change 64Fourth valve change (a major change) 65Fifth change 66Sixth change 66Seventh change 66Eighth change 66Ninth change 66Tenth change 67Eleventh change 67Quick valve summary 67Chapter 7. Valve springs 69Valve spring installed heights 70Valve spring choice 72Chapter 8. Rockers & rockergeometry 76Posi-locks for ball pivot rocker arms 76Setting rocker geometry 77Early rocker arms (stock engines 1962to mid-1966/Hi-Performanceengines to 1967) 77Rail rocker arms (mid-1966 tomid-1978) 82Stamped steel rocker mid-1978-2002 83Chapter 9. Distributor identification 85Distributor ignition systems 85High tension ignition wires 85Crankshaft damper degree markings 86Built in mechanical advance 86Ignition advance (mechanical)requirements 86Controlling rate of mechanica advance 87Single points distributors 881965 on 89Dura-Spark distributors 90Dual points distributors 91Hi-Performance 289ci 91Boss 302 92Limited rpm competition engines 92Chapter 10. Carburetors & inletmanifolds 95221 & 260ci engines 95Original equipment 95Alternatives for high performance 95289 & 302ci engines 95Original equipment 95Alternatives for high performance 97Stock original equipment manifolds 97Aftermarket inlet manifolds 98Holley carburetors 100Holley two barrel 2300 carburetors 102Holley vacuum secondary 4160four barrel carburetors 102Holley double pumper 4150 four barrel carburetors 102Air filters 103Cool air intake 103Heat shielding the carburetor 104Fuel pumps 104Fuel filters 104Chapter 11. Exhaust manifolds & exhaust system 105Exhaust manifolds 105Stock types 105Aftermarket tubular exhaustmanifolds 106Short branch type 107Long branch type 107Tri-wy type 109Chapter 12. Engine assembly 110Essential clearances 110Piston to bore 111Piston ring end gaps 111Main & big end bearings 111Crankshaft endplay 111Big end side clearance 111Camshaft endplay and bearings 111Lifters 112Duplex timing chains 112Aftermarket bolts and studs 112Flywheel and flex plate bolts 112Drain taps 113Timing covers and water pump 113Oil pump and pencil drive 113Oil pump pickup 115Oilpan 115Dipstick 115Oilpan damage 116Windage tray 116Baffles 116Making a windage tray and baffleassembly 117Oil 119Chapter 13. Optimising engineperformance 120Alternator output 120Testing for adequate spark 120Cooling system 121Common cooling problems 123Radiators with insufficient coring 123Competition cars 123Crankcase ventilation 125Fuel 126Index 127

Hailing originally from New Zealand, Des Hammill is a professional engineer with many years of practical experience of building race-winning engines and solving technical problems. The author of several books in the SpeedPro series, Des writes in an easy to understand manner and gives step-by-step guidance. Des also takes his own photographs and creates his own line drawings