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The Biography of David Scott-Moncrieff by Schrader, Halwart Code: 54294 Format: Paperback / 216 pages Publication date: 02/02/2019 Availability: Available. Usually dispatched from UK 1-2 business days Price: AU $40.72
The fascinating biography of David Scott-Moncrieff, alias `Bunty' - a colourful larger-than-life personality, enthusiastic car expert, charming entertainer, and passionate vintage car addict. Bunty's favourite marque was Rolls-Royce, and, for some time, he claimed to be the Number 1 in the Rolls-Royce second-hand car trade worldwide. Bunty also owned world-famous race cars, heaps of worn-out hearses (to be rebuilt), supercharged Mercedes classics, and even an antique Steamer. Here, you will meet them all, along with some of his many admirers who had the courage and pleasure to enter the passenger seat. Halwart Schrader travelled to England to meet Bunty on many occasions, knew him well. and has written this long-awaited biography in full co-operation with Bunty's son, Humphrey Scott-Moncrieff.
Format: Paperback
Pages: 216
Illustration: B&W THROUGHOUT
Availability: Available. Usually dispatched from UK 1-2 business days
Publication date: 02/02/2019
Country of publication: UNITED KINGDOM
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Dimensions: 210mm X 148mm
Code: 54294
Contents Foreword by Gregor Fisken A name of renown Visitors From England. O Tannenbaum! Chips but no Fish "Call Me Bunty" A Rolls-Royce... what a temptation Brave and Quite The Swimmer! A Passion for Cars Attributed to his Mother Inkwells Were Flying occasionally... Escape From A Police Raid In A Dinner Jacket Uncle Horace's Corrupting Influence Purveyor to the Nobility and Gentry No Knothole for the Backside of a Carousel Horse The Maharaja's improper Wish A Talented Stuntman Fun On The Backseat With Loreley A valuable Car For A One-Night Stand A Gentleman Has Come To Warn Stalin Kiss your Hand, Herr Hitler! Thinking About Getting Married An Everlasting Love For Mercedes Do Girls' Shirts Burn Brighter? London's Traffic was Brought To A Standstill A Young Lady From A decent Family The Spy With The Diamond In The Soap Into Exile With A 12-Cylinder Motor Car Caught Behind, In Front Of, And Right Between The Crossfire Only A Two-Pronged Fork A Motor Yacht, Or A Bugatti...? The Journey To Scandinavia Bunty's First Book Don't Just Give Up! Comrade Stalin Will Have To Wait Once A Bugatti, Always A Bugatti Flirting With Daimler-Benz Bunty's Life In The Countryside Chicken Farming, Piglet Fattening, Mercedes Dreaming Bill Boddy's Visit To the Squirearchy Through Cowpat In a TVR A Soft Spot also For Lagonda A Fascinating, Insufferable Boss Life's Handicaps The Weeping Worm and a Rather Bitty Beer! 500 Ten-Dollar Notes Down The Trousers Out And About With The Dashing Charlotte Hearses Never Bite The Dust No Viewing Pleasure Whatsoever Would You Be A Sweetie? Introducing Timothy, The Glass-Eater The Ambassador Of British Automotive Culture An Opportunity Overslept The Customs Catastrophe The Echoes Of Umtata Taking The Tow Truck To Church Bunty rules the waves Onwards To Vienna - For The Red Light District? Bunty Discovers His Passion For Citroen A Little Border incident No Rolls-Royce On The South Pacific Atoll Travelling Australia In A Gullwing Engine-Knocking Knockers There's No Fool Like An Old Fool A Girl named RosemaryTo India For Permanent Care? Bad Eyes, Bad Circulation, Bad Memory Peking-Paris at last? No Help From The Helpful Dragon One Final Dream Is Fulfilled "We Never Close!" PHOTO CREDITS