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Races, Faces, Places - The Racing Photography of Michael Cooper

by Paul Parker Code: 21972 Format: Hardback / 352 pages Publication date: 01/07/2009 Availability: Available. Usually dispatched 1-3 business days Price: AU $99.00
This lavish photographic book is divided into three sections - races, faces and places - and recalls the nostalgic heartland of motor racing in the 1960s. Formula 1 subjects feature, but Michael Cooper also covered sports, GT and saloon car racing, while his portraits of iconic 1960s drivers are among his best work. This book illustrates Michael's genius at capturing the moment and his ability to understand the subject or place in a way that transcends technical skill. Unlike today's rigidly controlled accreditation and access restrictions, Michael's busiest motor racing period coincided with the relatively easy working conditions and unfettered trackside access that so defines this era.
Format: Hardback
Pages: 352
Availability: Available. Usually dispatched 1-3 business days
Publication date: 01/07/2009
Country of publication: UNITED KINGDOM
Weight: 1738 g
Dimensions: 300mm X 200mm
Code: 21972
A compilation of Michael Cooper's finest work in both colour and black and white from the late 1950s through to the early 1970s. Contains many images previously unpublished, or largely unfamiliar to today's audience. Unseen behind-the-scenes shots from pit and paddock locations taken at a time when mainly action shots were desired. Well-observed commentary by Paul Parker provides a fascinating insight into the story behind each picture. The late Michael Cooper was an outstanding photographer for various magazines, including Power Slide and Autovisie, and covered most of the European Grands Prix from 1962 to 1970 plus assorted British national events.
Paul Parker is the author of four titles in Haynes's highly rated 'In Camera' series - books on sports car racing and Formula 1 in the 1960s and 1970s. He is a freelance writer and a superb photo researcher, with work published in Octane, Motor Sport, Classic Cars, Forza!, Jaguar World Monthly and The Daily Telegraph. He lives in Switzerland.