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Sammy Miller : Motorcycle Legend

by Mick Walker Code: 22902 Format: Hardback / 224 pages Publication date: 01/07/2010 Availability: Sold Out Price: AU $54.95
Jacket notes: Quite simply, Sammy Miller is a legend in his own lifetime, as probably the world’s greatest ever all-rounder in motorcycle sporting events. Not only had Sammy been the most successful trials rider, with over 1,200 victories, but the Ulster-born star raced at Grand Prix level for the likes of NSU, FB Mondial, Ducati and CZ. Not content with these two disciplines, he was a very capable scrambler (motocross) and grass-track racer. Back to trials, Sammy rode a wide variety of machinery, including James, Honda, SWM, Aprilia and Armstrong, but most of all Ariel and Bultaco. But he did not just ride the bikes, he also developed them, and in the process changed trials bike design forever. Besides his competitive career, Sammy Miller built probably the most successful dirt bike dealership in the UK and has gone on to create the world-renowned Sammy Miller Museum, which houses both sporting and street motorcycles. His restorations are truly meticulous and are carried out for both the museum and paying customers. If all this is not enough, Sammy still rides many of his machines in historic events all around the world. With Sammy Miller: Motorcycle Legend, Mick Walker brings all of these achievements vividly to life.
Format: Hardback
Pages: 224
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Publication date: 01/07/2010
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