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Porsche 911 SC

Illustrated practical advice from one man's home restoration Author: Clusker, Andrew Code: 57073 Price: AU $99.95 Format: Hardback / 288 pages Publisher: VELOCE PUBLISHING LTD Published date: 18/02/2019 Availability: Future Publication. Pre-order now. Due date: February 2019
A fully illustrated record of the restoration of a classic Porsche 911, which was originally purchased by a world-famous celebrity. Illustrations provided by Porsche bring this journey to life, along with amazing photographs and personal experience from a life-long Porsche aficionado.

How to Rebuild Pontiac V-8s

Workbench How-to Author: Rotella, Rocky Code: 57949 Price: AU $53.30 Format: Paperback / 160 pages Publisher: CARTECH Published date: 21/02/2020 Availability: Future Publication. Pre-order now. Due date: February 2020
"This book provides information on how to rebuild a Pontiac V-8 engine and features information about the necessary preparation, disassembly, and the best parts that are available"--

Welding for Vehicle Restorers

Author: Macleod, Bruce Code: 58019 Price: AU $39.27 Format: Paperback / 144 pages Publisher: THE CROWOOD PRESS LTD Published date: 27/02/2020 Availability: Please contact us for availability
The techniques used in the welding of thin sheet metal as used on vehicle bodies are vastly different to those used in welding heavier structures. This book covers the various methods of welding used to make and repair sheet metal body panels. Whereas some forms of welding are straightforward, others require a significant amount of skill. The ......
Page 1 of 1 (3 items)