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100 Years of the
Ulster Grand Prix
By Norman Windrum
ISBN: 978-1-78073-305-0 • 153 pages soft cover
Published by Blackstaff Press
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First held in 1922, the Ulster Grand Prix in
Northern Ireland has enjoyed a place among
the true classic road races. Sadly, Covid and the
continuing financial woes of the promoters look
to have confined the event to history, as it was
last held in 2019, when Peter Hickman won every
start and established a new outright lap record of
136.415 mph – making the Ulster the fastest road
race in the world once again.
That history began in 1922 on the 20.5 mile
Old Clady circuit with its incredible 7-mile
straight. From 1947 to 1952 the Ulster GP was
run over a slightly shorter version of the circuit,
and from 1953 moved to the 7.4 mile (11.9km)
Dunrod circuit, where it has remained. Along the
way, there have been Anzac victories for Ken
Kavanagh, Ken Mudford, Kel Carruthers and Jack
Findlay until the event lost its status as a round
of the FIM World Championship in 1971. Since
then, it has staged a program similar to its near
neighbour the Isle of Man TT, with Joey Dunlop
taking a record 24 wins in various classes.
This book looks at the various eras and the
legendary names, follows the ups and downs
of the promotion, and has a complete table of
results. The photographs are excellent and author
Norman Windrum really knows his subject – he
attended his first Ulster in 1947 when he was just
ten years old, and he has never missed one since.
A valuable publication chronicling one of the
world’s most significant motorcycling events.

February 20, 2023
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